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Microblading is essential in constructing that perfect frame. At eyebrWOW our goal is to provide everyone with a look that is uniquely yours. One that conveys an expression of confidence, refinement and class

Microblading, eyebrow embroidery or 3D Brows is a tattooing technique that creates hair-like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. Pigment is manually deposited under the top layer of skin with a special pen creating a more natural looking eyebrow then the traditional penciled on eyebrow. It typically lasts 1-2 years depending on skin type and skin care routine.

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Slide Love any eyebrows a s I also got a eyelash curl...love they way it all looks. Cindy did a great job on my new look. She is quote the artist and very sweet too. Highly recommend this place Peggy Urban Slide I am absolutely thrilled with my new eyebrows! Cindy has worked magic creating lush, natural looking brows from just a few misshapen hairs. She has touched them up for me three times because she is a perfectionist. Thank you, Cindy! Marci Albrecht Slide I am absolutely thrilled with my new eyebrows! Cindy has worked magic creating lush, natural looking brows from just a few misshapen hairs. She has touched them up for me three times because she is a perfectionist. Thank you, Cindy! Sarah S. Slide "Love this place!! My eyebrows look awesome now! So happy with them! Cindy was so great, very professional and made me feel totally at ease. Her studio is so cute & cozy too! Definitely recommend EyebrWow!" Bethany F. Slide "Love Eyebrwow! Love my brows! Love Cindy! Cindy did an amazing job and my brows look fab! Highly recommend to anyone looking for quality and professional service!" Rosie K. Slide "I love my eyebrows now thanks to Cindy!! (And I've gotten so many compliments at work of people noticing how much fuller and natural my brows look) She was very nice and welcoming and fun to talk to. First she explained the process and what to expect. She took her time measuring my brows and penciling a template. I appreciated that she made sure I was happy with the shape and asked for my feedback on any changes before getting started. The microblading felt like tiny little scratches and seemed to go by quickly. Toward the end she took her time going back and forth between showing me in the mirror and then making any minor adjustments I wanted. I'm on day 5 of the healing process and so I can't wait to go back for the final touch up in 4 weeks. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Cindy!" Alanna M. Slide "I had such a great experience with Eyebrwow! Cindy is so sweet and kind and really takes the time to make sure you have the shape and result that you're looking for. She was so thorough and willing to hear my thoughts along the way. If you're thinking of microblading your brows, I definitely recommend this place! It's so affordable, but you get amazing results! It was worth the drive from Chicago to Palatine for me for sure, and I'll definitely be going back for other services in the future!" Anne T. Slide "Cindy is absolutely amazing! She did wonderful work microblading my eyebrows & I couldn't be happier! Her studio is clean & relaxing & she'll make you feel right at home. She's very thorough with her work & does a wonderful job! I will continue reccomending others to go see her & if you're looking to get microblading done, you should definitely go to Eyebrwow!" Meg Ryan

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3D Brow Microblading (includes 2 sessions) $495.00
Microblading Touchup - Yearly Color Boost $150.00
Eyebrow Microshading $525.00
Lash Lift $125.00
Brow Lamination $85.00
Brow Lamination With Tint $95.00



Includes two sessions

Striking Gaze

Look your best all day, every day with brows that reflect your beauty and self-confidence.

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AKA Ombre Brows or Powder Brows

Add Depth

Eyebrow Microshading is a beautiful stipling of the eyebrow which creates a powder-filled result giving you the look of make-up 24/7.

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Lash Lift

The Perfect Accompaniment

Lash Love

Lash lifts, just like eyebrow microblading, are the newest and hottest thing in the semi-permanent make up field.

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Brow Lamination

A Perm For Your Brows

Brow Control

Tame those erratic brows and finally get them to fall in line.

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