Lash Lift

Seeking to expand her suite of semi-permanent makeup services to the women in and around Palatine, local entrepreneur and owner of eyebrWOW, Cindy Kircher, today announced the availability of lash lifts at her trendy studio in downtown Palatine.

“Lash lifts are a logical extension of my services,” Kircher said.  “It’s the perfect compliment to the eyebrow work I currently provide and it fits neatly into my client’s needs and desires.”

Lash lifts, just like eyebrow microblading, are the newest and hottest thing in the semi-permanent make up field.  Women are only now just discovering the procedure and Kircher wanted to be among the first offering it to her rapidly growing list of clients.

Lash Lift Before & After Pictures

“I started eyebrWOW because I knew there were women all over the area who had busy, frenzied lives with careers and families and still had the need to look their best but lacked the time to make everything work,” she said.  “Microblading and a lash lift are contributions a woman makes to herself so she can maintain an upbeat pace and still look good while doing it,” Kircher said.

The Lash Lift procedure is a seven-step process that takes roughly an hour in the eyebrWOW studio.  But once completed, a woman’s lashes are always in perfect shape and allows her to go mascara type eye makeup free for a couple of months!

While every woman possesses some common elements in her lashes there are individual facets to her look that Kircher tries to bring out with every procedure.

“We are commonly known in the trade as technicians but I like to think of myself more as an artist,” Kircher said.  “Every woman presents a canvas and there are unique elements to her look that I try to enhance just like a portrait artist does in a painting,” she said.

Lash Lift Prices

Lash lifts are priced at $125 and are a great alternative to lash extensions.

The eyebrWOW studio can be found in downtown Palatine at 21 North Brockway St. Suite 204.  To make an appointment just call the studio at 847-809-1613.