Eyebrow Shape

Spa’s are used for a variety of reasons, but the main goal is to feel good about your mind and body. To craft the image that most fits your true character, there are many options available when it comes to beauty. Microshading is one of the most popularized practices in eyebrow care.

What Is Microshading?

Eyebrows can sculpt the face in ways that other facial features can’t. Depending on the shape and appearance of thickness, they can be a powerful optical illusion when curated in the right way. Eyebrow waxing and powder has long been used to draw attention to the eyes, but while makeup can create a new look, it must be applied daily. It is not always easy to replicate the same look day after day.

How Does It Work?

Pigment shading is similar to using makeup, except it is a semi-permanent way to create the appearance of fuller, healthier eyebrows. This process is particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin who may be allergic to other treatment options. By using the pigment shading technique, eyebrows can perfect the overall look of the face on a regular basis.How Does It Work?

The process is relatively simple. A trained professional will use a hand held tool to create pigment dots in the area of both brows. Unlike the fine haired strokes that microblading requires, pigment dots leave a softer, “quieter” look. Natural hair can be (and often is) incorporated into the brow design for a mixture of pigment and natural eyebrow hair. Since the eyebrows are not entirely created from pigment, this enhances the brows rather than entirely replacing them.

The entire treatment is often done in two visits, including a follow up appointment. The second appointment is generally scheduled a few weeks after the first so that the healing process can be monitored to best fit the design of each brow. If you do want any touch-ups, the follow up appointment can help further define the new look. Post treatment care is minimal. It is recommended that you keep the area clean on a daily basis.

What’s The Difference Between Microshading and Microblading?
Although they seem similar, blading and shading are two different pigment treatments. While shading and blading both use pigment to create a fuller eyebrow, shading has a slightly different look because of the specific technique that is used. If you’re wondering “how can I get permanent eyebrows near me”, pigment shading and blading specialists will both provide semi-permanent brows.

During a microblading appointment, a professional will apply hair-like strokes of pigment while shading uses something called the stippling method. The stippling method requires a repetitive pigment dose that can make eyebrows look slightly lighter, giving it a softer and more gentle appearance than the one created by a microblading specialist. By using these two techniques, the brow textures have a different look. This is because pigment shading uses a rotary tool when crafting a softer look.

Shading is often used for both cosmetic enhancement and treatment. Trauma can leave empty spots in the brow where it may be difficult for natural hair to grow. For those who have sensitive or oily skin, shading is often recommended over blading.

How Long Does Microshading Last?

Microshading is semi-permanent and can last for approximately one year. Unlike a lot of cosmetic treatments available for the face, shading does not require any down time. After two weeks, the brows heal on their own. Directly after an appointment, the brows will look very dark. After one month, the color will fully settle into its regular shade.


Eyebrows carry the face’s expression. For decades, women have perfected eyebrows with expensive cosmetics, but the appearance is always temporary. While makeup can irritate the skin or cause blockages in your pores, using pigment is safe for almost any type of skin. Whether you were born with naturally light eyebrows or lost hair due to a medical condition or trauma, shading is a safe semi-permanent way to create a fuller look.

Pigment shading is a quick treatment that allows eyebrows to look fuller and evenly shaped. The average appointment time takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and requires no down time. For those who want a lighter, softer brow than the type microblading offers, pigment shading is often the first choice option.