Microshading, also known as ombre brows, or ombre powder brows is a excellent compliment to your microblading or your natural brow. It is the technique for filling sparse or thin brows with small pin-like dots and is generally considered to be safer for uber-sensitive or oily skin. It is generally recommended if you’re just going for extra volume rather than a total makeover.


Ombre brows are semi-permanent and last up to three years. However, they do need maintenance and touch-ups in between. Though it also depends on your skin type aftercare, and the lifestyle that you maintain in between. It is not usually done in just one session. It usually requires a consultation, the main session is usually about two hours and then a follow-up is usually required about three to six weeks later.

Is It Painful?

Not too much. Most brow artists do opt to give you a local topical agent. However, do be prepared for mild amounts of pain as it does involve incising your skin. If you absolutely can’t stand it, you can go ahead and ask a local pharmacist or naturopath for the best pain antidote for you.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since it involves breaking a dermal layer, there is always a slight risk of infection. The most common, however, are redness, puffiness, and swelling. Though those usually go down in several days to a week. Whatever you do, never trust unlisted or poorly trained practitioners! Some are notorious for sharing needles, which can lead to infections of serious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. You also don’t know if they could be a front for something like illicit drugs.

Who Might Not Be a Good Candidate

-If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, your skin is probably currently too sensitive to receive something like ombre powder brows.
-If your skin is overly sensitive or oily, it will probably not be able to take the topical numbing agents and a good number of things could go wrong, such as excessive swelling or a scar-like redness.
-If you have severe acne or some other serious skin condition, such as psoriasis, in the area, an equal number of things could go wrong. Particularly if it’s the former, it could cause excessive bleeding or oozing in the process and lead to an infection.
-If you have any known allergies to topical agents, unless you can stand the pain without them, it will probably not be advisable. It is definitely not if you have any known allergies to tattoo ink as the sure process does involve using somewhat similar inking.
-If you happen to have a tattoo in your eyebrow area that has not faded or been removed, it will probably not be a good idea. It involves mixing two permanent inks, which can be a high infection risk.
-If you have any known history of facial scarring, it might not be advisable as that could also lead to numerous risks of infection and excessive swelling.

What You Need During Your Recovery

In order to prevent infection, your technician should recommend aftercare creams and cleansers. You will also not be able to properly wash your face or wear make-up for several days. This is to allow your cuts to scab and then safely shed. You will need to refrain from touching it at all.

Some ways you can work around washing your face is to use something like moist facial towelettes or puffs. Again, just be sure that you don’t touch the brow area.
If you have any reason to believe that you’re showing signs of infection, please see a doctor without delay

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