Pick The Shape Of Your Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrow Shape

You put a lot of effort into making yourself look like the best version of yourself. There may be a part of you that’s receiving a lot less love than others, however. When was the last time you did something more for your eyebrows than just plucking them or adding a bit volume? Have you ever considered their shape before? The shape of your eyebrows can enhance your beauty and give you that celebrity-perfect look that you wish to achieve. Which shapes are the perfect eyebrows for you? This article will go over a few different face shapes and suggest the best brow shapes for you to consider.

Round Faces

For those who have a round-shaped face, you’ll want to go with something that is high-arched. Instead of allowing your eyebrows to grow outwards, you need to add height more than anything. Microblading or microshading can help you achieve this look initially if your eyebrows don’t naturally form a high arch. There are a few tricks that you can use to further enhance the arch in your eyebrows, too.

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Take your eyebrow filler and instead of just sweeping it along your entire eyebrow, start with the very middle of your arch. Then sweep the filler along your eyebrow. You want the center of your arch to be the darkest point. Keep a natural look in mind. Too high of arches can make you appear rather comical. Finally, groom your hairs that they sweep in an upwards movement. This overall design will help to elongate your face.

Long Faces

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Brow shapes for long faces need to be focused on elongating the ends of your eyebrows. You have the opposite problem of those with round shapes. Your face can sometimes look too long. A way to help that is through your eyebrows. While you should still maintain a small arch, you want to focus most of your attention on elongating the ends of your eyebrows. You want as flat of an arch as you can manage without going full caveman. You can also enhance the look by using a filler to shade in the ends of your eyebrows rather than the middle. Doing so will help balance your features rather than make you appear as though you have too long of a face.

Oval Faces

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Those who have oval faces are some of the luckiest people alive. The shape of their face is typically perfectly balanced just naturally. As such, you can basically do whatever you want to do with your eyebrow design.

You can shorten them, elongate them, and have fun with arches. The important aspect to consider is just to stay natural. Experiment with your natural shape to see which enhances your perfect eyebrows the most.



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Perfect eyebrows for heart-shaped faces is possible. You just have to understand how heavily your eyebrows influence the shape of your face. The thing with heart-shaped faces to know is that because of its shape, a lot of the focus is already on your forehead and eye area. As a result, you don’t want to bring anymore focus.

Otherwise, your eyebrows can appear quite heavy. Instead, you should try to keep your eyebrows small and light in shape. Either keep your eyebrows straight or rounded. It will depend on how your forehead interacts with your eyebrows. In some cases, a straight eyebrow may be the best result. In other cases, a rounded eyebrow that just kisses the corner of your eye may be what’s best. A professional can help you make those decisions to create your perfect eyebrow design.

Square Faces

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When it comes to square faces, a lot of focus is placed on the heavy jawline. In order to balance this, you need to have a heavy eyebrow.

This is the complete opposite of those who have a heart-shaped face. Take out your filler and go to town making the eyebrows thicker. In addition, you should try to include an arch as this can further institute a balance for your face.

Close-Set And Wide-Set Eyes

For those who have close-set eyes, you should focus on extending your eyebrows. Keep it thick and wide. Soft, filled, eyebrows are best for those with wide-set eyes. You may want to consider microshading along with microblading for a fuller more natural look for your perfect eyebrow design.