Eyebrow Lamination vs Soap Brows

Eyebrow Lamination vs. Soap Brows

People look for all kinds of ways to make their eyebrows look more full and fluffy. A common way to achieve these results is by using gel, applying soap to the brows, and now eyebrow lamination is making headway in the beauty industry. 

Soap brows achieve results in eyebrows that look fluffy and full. It’s an old trick that’s existed for years and has re-surged in popularity since 2016. 

Eyebrow lamination allows for a similar look, It creates a very full, fluffy, smooth appearance that does not need the maintenance that soap brows requires.

Main Differences Between Lamination and Soap

Though the end result looks similar, there are differences in technique and other factors. Some of these factors include:

  • how long it lasts
  • affordability
  • process
  • quality

Eyebrow Lamination or Soap brows? Let’s look at the facts. 

Soap Brows


It is non-invasive and achieves beautiful results. Results are relatively quick to achieve. It is all of your natural hair and no extensions or false lines.


The Soap Brow technique will last only the day it is used. Soap brows need to be applied daily and could potentially not last until washing. For an active lifestyle this is especially concerning. There is soap on your face which could cause problems if it is raining or if you have to touch them for any reason. In order to achieve the desired look you need to already have a pretty full pair of brows. It could be damaging to your brows if you do this technique often and or touch your brows after application as the soap dries the brows and could make them fall out.

Eyebrow lamination


Brow lamination will last up to 4-8 weeks until the brows grow out naturally. Saves time on your daily routine. Will not wash away in the shower or in the rain. No worries if you need to touch your eyebrow. The procedure is non-invasive and achieves beautiful full results. It is all your natural hair without the use of extensions or false lines. 


The price for Eyebrow lamination is significantly more than soap. Your eyebrows need to grow out fully before the next treatment. Irritation can occur with the process if not done carefully (that’s why you should always see a professional). In order to achieve the desired look you need to talk to a professional about your existing eyebrows and if they are right for the procedure. 


When soaping your brows, you have to take a disposable spoolie brush, dampen it, then lightly rub it against the soap. Don’t do it too much, else you’ll get suds on your eyebrows. Next, you drag the brush over your brows. Specifically, you do it up, outwards, then down. This is in the direction of eyebrow growth. Do it correctly, and it should last the entire day.

With eyebrow lamination a well educated professional will carefully take you through the process to create the desired full and fluffy long lasting look. For more information the exact process of this procedure please refer to my lamination service page. Tinting can be added to eyebrow lamination to achieve an even more full and defined look. 

Overall Quality

Both soap brows and lamination can yield visually appealing results. However, at the end of the day the lamination has a greater level of quality. One reason is that it lasts much longer. The look of it is also superior as it gives that fully defined fluffy gel look that is extremely popular trend in beauty. 

Brow lamination also allows for tinting to make your eyebrows look more full and defined. It’s not possible to achieve that defined thick look with soap brows. Soaping your brows may be cheaper and easier, but lamination will only need to be done once every 4-8 weeks while needing little maintenance to keep the look.

Soap brows can be a fun and easy way to see what your eyebrows look like in this style. If you find that you like it, then you may want to have that style a little longer. Rather than spending your time soaping your brows each day, you can turn to eyebrow lamination. 

EyebrWOW knows why such a look is gaining popularity and would be more than happy to laminate your brows for you. If you have any questions about this treatment, please feel free to contact me. I will happily give you more information.