4 Lifestyles Perfect for Microblading

Girl Next Door

Microblading is a fun and popular new trend that can benefit women of all ages. Whereas eyebrow tattoos in the past left you with brows that were often too dark and solid, new advances in technology have created microblading, which allows you to have individual and realistic hairs tattooed exactly where they need to be to fill in your brows and enhance your looks. Whether you have a great country style, a retro pin up look, the natural charm of the girl next door, or a dramatic rocker girl edge, a skilled and licensed microblade technician can work with you to give you the perfect eyebrows to compliment your features.

Country Glam

The country style girl is defined by an easygoing yet polished look that is popular around the United States. She doesn’t wear a lot of heavy makeup, but her outfits usually have a fun, feminine touch to them, like lace or flirty ruffles. Although she sports a natural look, there’s always a little bit of glam present with some lip gloss, blush, or fluffy lashes. Your brows should be natural yet refined, much like Carrie Underwood. But dealing with filling them in every day to achieve this look can be tedious, making microblading the perfect solution.

The Pin Up Girl Look

This fun, retro look hearkens back to the 1950s style of poodle skirts and polka dots. The pin up makeup is bold in a classy way, defined by winged liner and red lips. Brows are highly arched and always picture-perfect, which can be hard to accomplish on a daily basis all by yourself. Luckily, a skilled microblading technician can give you the pin up brows of your dreams, and you never have to worry about them rubbing off or fading by the end of the day. It can be difficult to achieve such a heavily-structured brow without a lot of trial and error, and microblading removes all of the guesswork from the equation!

Rocker Girl

Finally, your love of tattoos can extend to your makeup! Although the rocker girl may not seem like she would care much about hair or makeup, the opposite is usually true. Classy rocker style often features dark, smudged eyeliner for maximum effect, and the brows need to be able to hold their own as well. Less structural than the country or pin up looks, the rocker brow might be a little straighter and fuller, but is no less important, and it’s the perfect way to finish off this striking and edgy look. Microblading lets you get exactly the shape you want for this brow, leaving you more time to rock out.

The Girl Next Door

We all know at least one sweet and charming girl next door, and maybe it’s you! Your look is defined by a natural aesthetic that requires some thought, but not a lot of fuss. You look equally great in a cute summer dress or jeans and a t-shirt. You keep your makeup simple, and although you don’t want to look overdone, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look your best. Microblading is the perfect option for this kind of look because of how undetectable it is. You’ll be able to keep a natural shape for your brows while filling in any sparse areas. It’s one less thing to think about it in the morning, and it’s perfect for your no-nonsense routine.

Microblading is a versatile and easy way to achieve the look of your dreams, no matter what it might be. Even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, I will consult with you one-on-one to figure out exactly what kind of brow works best for your face, and you’ll walk out looking like you’ve always had brows that any type of woman would envy.